I’m sick!

I’m sick when I think of people who get to see you smile every day and I’m furious about all the streets that have your footprints. Air that smells the fragrance of your skin and the sky that admires you with all love. The cafè cups that are blessed to taste your lips or that woman who sells flowers who get to see your bright brown eyes on Monday mornings although it was just a quick glance at the plants. I wish I was that rose that catches your attention at first. I’m sick! Lucky are those street-soiled puppies who walk along with you to work.

You know I love ice creams yet to visit the parlour alone. I’m sick of all the midnight 2 am video calls when you be cooking in your kitchen while I’m crossing miles of walking on my balcony. Even the laundry time turns me on when it’s your sweaty hoodie I’m drying off. I’m sick of watching my old neighbour couple solving crossword puzzles in their evenings. Those new kids exchanging toys with shy, that teenage girl bidding bye to her so called boyfriend by giving a few pecks on his neck or that family who sings songs at their bedtime, the newlywed pair fighting for the first time near their doorsteps.

I’m sick of watching you sleep alone. Your room has no memory of my presence or your pillows don't remember my grip. I’m sick of the plots of our lives.

I’m sick to know the fact we are all puppets of heaven or we are just incapable people in love.

Still, I see the way your heart beats when you think of me, your soul that screams out of joy when you spell my name, and your eyes that gets alive when you see my pictures. Love is not always near, isn't it? Sometimes you need to cross Oceans or Comfort zones, Places or Phases, People or Problems. That’s what makes you believe you're madly in love and those clocks that ticks are just time spent till you get embraced. So this time I’m falling sick for your love not with your body but with your mind which is immortal as our love! I’m sick with all of you, mentally, emotionally, physically!