Department of Mass Communication and Journalism

Head of the Department

Arun Mani John

Faculty Members

Ms. Amrutha V P,Ms. Maya N S

Faculty Members

Sreekanth, Mr. Thomas John Emmatty

The Department of Mass communication was launched in 2015, along with the departments of Visual Communication and Film and Television. Started under the leadership of Mr. Arun Mani John (HOD), in six years’ time, the Journalism Department has achieved steady growth at different levels. In 2019, we got affiliation for the Master programme, `MA Journalism and Mass Communication’, landmark achievement that elevated Chetana College to a PG College.

The Chetana Journalism Department since its inception, made it a point to extend the study of Communication and Journalism beyond the confines of the class rooms. In order to achieve this goal, we introduced a few major areas of innovation, namely ‘Chetana Diary’ Newsletter, Seminars on News Media, Media ethics etc and Student immersion in outside programmes. Two such significant immersion events that have become almost like annual features are `ITFOK’ (International Theatre Festival of Kerala) and ‘Literary Festival’ of Kerala Sahithya Academy, where our students work as interns at the Media Desk and also at the Editorial team of the Daily News Bulletin. The Journalism Department is also launching the ‘Chetana College Radio’ , in view of horning the skills of our students in radio production.

It is indeed a challenge in this digital age, to instill the habits of reading and writing among our students of all media disciplines, but for Journalism students reading and writing are aligned with their daily bread, their future career. Realizing this dire need, the department is paying keen attention to promote publication initiatives among the students. From the very starting of the college, we have launched the periodical publication of the Journalism Department Newsletter, `Chetana Diary’. In collaboration with the College ‘Design Hub’, our department students and staff have taken the lead in publishing many volumes of our college Wall Magazine, ‘Chetana Memoir’.

The Department of Journalism has ensured such diverse and significant contributions to the effective and student-friendly implementation of the course curriculum. The Department has always been keen on connecting classroom learning to the outside media industry and the challenges one would face in the field of professional journalism, whether it is print, broadcast or online journalism. We have given emphasis on exploring the original sources, providing the students reading hours and interactions in the library, complemented by the activities of `Writers’ Forum’ (student club) and the ‘Poetry Wall’, two avenues where students’ creative writing skills are encouraged and refined. At present, the department of Journalism has three full time faculty members and five Guest faculty from the field of Communication Arts and Journalism.