Student Clubs

Student Clubs cater to nurturing students’ taste and talent in music, dance, theatre and in other various art forms. They also encourage the students to develop a sense of social responsibility especially in terms of how to use art for promoting justice, peace and harmony. Apart from coordinating different activities, competitions and performances, celebrations, outdoor events and extension projects, the Clubs function with a commitment to keep the student community happy, cheerful and focused.

Design Hub

Creativity is not just a thought or word; it is giving form to your thought and putting words into activity. To promote our students’ creative skills for visualization and imagination, and to coordinate such creative projects as team work, Chetana has initiated a Design Hub/Café, where the students can bring in all their spontaneity and artistry. The Hub was instrumental in organizing the two wall painting Workshops, namely ‘The Painted Walls’ and ‘The Speaking Walls’. The Hub members also take lead in all art work/stage décor for the major events in the College, put together the biweekly Wall Magazine ‘Chetana Memoir’ and also coordinate extensions projects; for example, the ‘Save Water’ installation we did in Kunnamkulam town in collaboration with the Kunnamkulam Municipality on ‘World Water Day’ (March 22, 2019).

Film Club

The first step towards becoming a good filmmaker is being a good film viewer. With this goal, an afternoon is set apart every week for film screenings and discussions. We make use of the films in our own Film Library and also borrow from the rich collection of more than 3000 films archived at our sister institution, Chetana Media Institute. One of the main challenges that any media student will face in this stream is the balancing of theoretical studies with practical applications, projects and creative productions. In order to address this important aspect, the ‘Film Club' members conduct special film screenings and Interactions with senior filmmakers from the field, organise short/documentary film festivals and also venture into production of short fiction and documentary films.

Writers & Journalist Forum

TULIKA may sound like an association exclusively for the students of Literature and Journalism; certainly not. Anyone can be part of the Writers & Journalists Forum, especially those who are willing to spend extra time to share the content of their reading and writing on different platforms, be it creative works, blogs, journalistic write ups whatever. Club members involve in preparing news reports, visit Press club and their events, prepare programmes for Radio and Local Cable channels or YouTube etc. The special contributions that TULIKA Club extends to the College community is the coordination and publication of the Newsletter `Chetana Diary’ and extend support to the monthly/bi-monthly editions of the Wall Magazine, `Chetana Memoir’. The budding writers and journalists get together in the `comfort zone’ that TULIKA offers them, to conduct poetry recitals, story-telling sessions and discussions on new book releases and other issues concerning life and literature. They bring in experienced writers poets, critics and others from outside and organize Interaction session for the benefit of the Forum members and all interested students. The meeting place for TULIKA members is the `Poetry Wall’ inside the Library.

Theatre Club

Not everyone can become a professional actor or dancer on the stage. But there is a hidden performer in each one of us. Chetana Theatre Club (‘Kalithattu’), through workshops, play rehearsals etc, tries to bring out the hidden talents of our students and in many cases take it up to the level of a full-fledged stage performance, be it a play, mime, dance or whatever. Under the auspice of the Theatre Club, we also attempt to stage ‘Street Theatre’ shows, which utilize the techniques of theatre for social awareness campaigns. One such campaign was `Save Energy’ street play (2016) in collaboration with Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) and Kuriakose Elias Service Society (KESS).

Photography & Nature Club

For the students of Chetana, photography is not a hobby; it is an integral part of their career, creativity and life. The Club organizes Photography Exhibitions, Contests, Workshops and Wildlife Trekking/Camps. The club members regularly attend the Art and Photography Exhibitions curated by the Lalitha Kala Academy and other prestigious art organizations. We also try to promote respect for all living beings around us, mainly through our attempts to foster the `green’ philosophy in all aspects of the campus life.

Statutory/Student Welfare Committees

Through effective functioning of these various Committees, most of which are made mandatory by Government or University, we ensure that students have access to the proper channels and mechanisms to address their concerns, issues and grievances.

Grievance Redressal Cell

This Committee is constituted to address and amicably settle the grievances of students.Regarding the academic activities, regulations and infrastructural facilities in the campus. The grievances should be submitted in writing. Oral complaints cannot be entertained. The proceedings are to be recorded and filed as per University instructions. Since there is a court order prohibiting the formation of Students unions based on political affiliation inside the campus, it is made compulsory that all complaints should be in writing and should carry the full names and class numbers of all the student signatories. The committee assures complete secrecy and the identities of those who submit complaints or share information, shall not be revealed.

Committee Members

Dr. Fr. Benny Benedict, Principal ( Chairperson)

Dr. C. Krishnadas, Vice Principal

Dr. T. Muraleedharan (Senior Faculty)

Mr. Arun John Mani (Staff Advisor)

Mr. Melbin Thomas (College Council Member)

Ms. Surya Soman (College Council Member)

Student Representative (College Union Chairman)

Internal Complaints Cell/GS-CASH

As per Sexual Harassment in Workplaces (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013 passed by the Indian Parliament and the guidelines from the Central Government and UGC, we have constituted a 7 member ‘Gender Sensitization Committee against Sexual Harassment (GSCASH)’ at Chetana College of Media and Performing Arts, w.e.f from 01.04.2018. The objective of the Committee is to take consistent action for prevention, prohibition and redressal of complaints received regarding sexual harassment and gender discrimination of women personnel at the workplace. This Committee will address all issues concerning any forms and modes of sexual harassment or offences occurring mainly inside the college campus, against any individual, be it a student or teacher or member of the non- teaching staff.

Committee Members

Ms. Ranya Prasad (Presiding Officer)

Ms. Nashariya K. (Member)

Dr. T Muraleedharan (Senior Faculty)

Mr. K C Santhoshkumar (External Expert)

Ms. Meenkashi, I MA student (Member)

Ms. Naseem Fadiya A. P (President PTA)

Mr. Santhos V. V (Secretary PTA)

Anti-Ragging Squad & the Discipline Committee

As per university instructions and court orders, ragging of any kind is to be treated as a criminal offence. The College is bound by the UGC Regulations on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions 2009 dated 17 June 2009, as Gazetted on 4 July 2009 and the amendments thereto from time to time. This committee shall deal with any instances of ragging or other cases of indiscipline in the campus. The committee assures complete secrecy and the identities of those who submit complaints or share information, shall not be revealed.

Committee Members

Mr. Arun John Mani (Chairperson)

Mr. Melbin Thomas (Member)

Mr. Joseph Lazar (Member)

Ms. Teesa George (Member)

Fr. Linto Kanjoothara (Member)

Women’s Cell

This Committee is constituted to ensure programmes, action plans and training in view of empowering female students and support them in their integral formation. Such activities include awareness seminars, workshop etc. and skill training specifically for female students. The Cell would also address specific grievances of female students and female members of Staff. The committee assures complete secrecy and the identities of those who submit complaints shall be kept confidential.

Committee Members

Ms. Surya Soman, Chairperson

Ms. Renya Prasad, Member

Ms. Silpa Sivadas, Member

Barrier Free Campus

Following the University Grants Commission guidelines, our College ensures that we provide equal access and educational opportunities to differently abled persons and create appropriate facilities for persons with special needs in education. We consider them as `Specially Abled’.

Committee Members

Ms. Surya Soman (Chairperson)

Ms. Ranya Prasad (Member)

Ms. Silpa Sivadas (Member)

Ms. Nashariya K

Student Union

To foster active democratic practices and initiatives among students, the College has the Student Union elected through a secret ballot. As per University rules, only students who have the mandatory minimum attendance and have cleared all supplementary exam arrears can contest in Union elections. The Union dialogues with the College Council and the College Management, providing feedback from the student community on important matters, and also assumes leadership of the major activities/events in the college. The Student Union should strictly adhere to the guidelines issued by the University and the Government. A full time Faculty member will be appointed as the Staff Advisor for the Student Union and the Union office bearers should consult the Advisor and the Principal in all important matters.

As per the government instructions, no students or groups are allowed to initiate strikes or protests inside the campus. No political parties or their affiliates will be allowed to display their flags or promotional material within the boundaries of the campus. If the Student Union, individual students, or groups wish to present their needs or demands, they should bring it to the attention of the Principal as a formal, written petition/notice which, if necessary, will be forwarded to the College Council or to the concerned Student Support/Grievances Committee for further action.

Mentoring & Counselling

An important area that Chetana College serves the student community effectively is mentoring and counselling. We guide our students to perceive their professional career as a continuing practical and field-oriented learning. We shape the attitudes of our beloved students in such a way that they fall in love with the media profession, which helps them in the preparation and groundwork for future careers. The faculty members give expert training and directions to the student through mentoring and counselling. We also bring in external help by professionals. This Team is not focusing merely on career-building, but on the overall personality development of the students; so the Mentoring and Counselling team pay special attention to students who are going through stress or even certain issues of mental disturbances and crisis.

Committee Members

Dr. C Krishnadas, Vice Principal (Chairperson)

Ms. Deepthi Menon (Member)

Ms. Silpa Sivadas (Member)

Fr. Linto Kanjoothara (Member)

Fr. Baby Shepherd (Member)

Placement Cell

The Placement Cell at Chetana helps students to plan their career and update their professional skills. Arranging classes and training sessions in soft-skill development, conducting aptitude, dexterity and such other tests, organizing coaching classes for various competitive examinations, etc are some of the activities undertaken by the placement Cell.

Committee Members

Mr. Melbin Thomas (Chairperson)

Mr. Razi Muhammed (Member)

Ms, Surya Soman (Member)


We take it as our responsibility to ensure that our students would pursue their goals unto the last and graduate from each programme with excellence. To facilitate this, we have been pooling in funds for a couple of Student Endowments and Project Fellowships. Even though we are in the very initial stages of evolving into a full-fledged media educational institution, as of now we have instituted a couple of Student Endowments in the respective area of specializations:


If we take the total student strength of our College, it is not a huge number; but many of our students are outstation students (outside Thrissur district). So it becomes important to provide/arrange accommodation for such students and also to make all students, from any locality, feel at home at the Campus, which basically involves hostel facility for outstation students. Right from the beginning in 2015, Chetana has been arranging different modes of accommodation facilities for our long-distance students.

Hostel Coordinator : Fr. Linto Kanjoothara