Chetana College of Media and Performing Arts is an initiative of `Devamatha CMI Province Educational and Charitable Trust’. The CMIs, drawing inspiration from their founder St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara, a great visionary, reformer and educationist of the 19th century, have proven themselves worthy of that heritage in the field of education, media and social action.

The success story of Chetana College of Media and Performing Arts, is a story rooted in the strength of our team work. Team Chetana embodies the combined efforts of eminent faculty members, a different ‘brand’ of students with a zeal for learning, applying and mastering art and a Board of Management that has set creative excellence and social responsibility as the ultimate goals.


Chetana college is steered by an efficient faculty panel, who put their heart and soul in moulding the students into better individuals. They provide an effective teaching-learning atmosphere, helping the students to flourish in their respective areas of pursuit. 2. The faculty members of Chetana College have always matched with the wavelength of their students, which helps them to offer a friendly, stress-free and positive environment for the students.

Faculty Members

Dr (Fr) Benny Benedict CMI, PhD

Film and Television

Director & Pricipal

Mob : 9447000830

Dr. C. Krishnadas PhD


Vice Principal

Mob : 9446878825

Dr. T. Muraleedharan PhD

English & Film Studies

Asso. Professor

Mob : 9447350091

Dr (Fr). John Edappilly PhD


Asso. Professor

Mob : 8288952227

Razi Muhammed, MFA

Graphic Design & Animation

Asso. Professor & HOD

Mob : 8281153007

Arun John Mani, MA


Asst. Lecturer & HOD

Mob : 7025630140

Ms. Surya Soman, MA

Film and Television

Asst. Lecturer & HOD

Mob : 9048374336

Fr. Linto Kanjoothara

Visual Communication

Asst. Lecturer & HOD

Mob : 8891271656

Melbin Thomas, M Sc

Visual Communication

Asst. Lecturer

Mob : 7012819168

Ms. Nashriya NK


Asst. Lecturer

Mob : 8129519550

Ms. Silpa Sivadas MA

Graphics & Animation

Asst. Lecturer

Mob : 7592808296

Ms. Renya Prasad, MA


Asst. Lecturer

Mob : 9961886399

Ms. Aparna Sudhir, MA


Asst. Lecturer

Mob : 9645035690

Sukanya Sugathan MA

English Lit.

Asst. Lecturer

Mob : 75929 98018

Haripirya V. T. MA

English Lit.

Asst. Lecturer

Mob : 85938 04462

Dhineesh Chandran MSc

Visual Communication

Asst. Lecturer

Mob : 85938 04462

Pradepkumar KP

Film & TV (Audio)

Asst. Lecturer

Mob : 8848335622

Bimal Krishna MA

Graphics & Animation

Asst. Lecturer

Mob : 8921072690

Thomas John Emmatty MA


Asst. Lecturer

Mob : 77367 89204

Joseph Lazar, PG Diploma

Film & TV (Photography)

Guest Lecturer

Mob : 9447441621

Shaji T. U, PG Diploma

Film & TV

Guest Lecturer

Mob : 9447265294

Fr. Jeejo Theethai MSC


Guest Lecturer

Mob : 8281474128

Nandakumar Menon

Film & TV (Cinematography)

Guest Lecturer

Mob : 9496441234

Uma Kumarapuram

Film and Television

Guest Lecturer

Mob : 9400516685

Praveen Prabahakaran, MA

Film and Television

Guest Lecturer

Mob : 9048298929

Manu Jose, MTA

Theatre (Theatre)

Guest Lecturer

Mob : 9447194411

Joy Antony, M. Com, MBA

Management Studies

Guest Lecturer

Mob : 7012151897

Administrative Staff

Director : Dr. Fr. (Benny) Benedict Varghese CMI

Joint Director : Fr. Linto Kanjoothara CMI

Administrator : Tony Jose V

Office Superintendent : Ms. Megha Alappatt

System Administrator : Mr. Sreekanth Kurumanghat

IQAC Office Coordinator : Anil Raj

Librarian : Ms. Sathy Sathyan

Technical Coordinator : Mr. Mafin Francis

Life @ Chetana

Life at Chetana College is beautiful and colourful. The creative artists that our students and teachers are, can’t compromise for the mediocre; they can’t resist the constant urge to be original and creative. The following diverse avenues of creative expressions evolved in time, starting from the scratch, the time when we didn’t even have a building to call our own!

Creative Interfaces

Speaking walls

Is like a permanent art gallery, but curated on the walls of Chetana College. It all started with the first wall painting workshop, the `Painted Walls’ held in April 2018 under the guidance of Razi Muhammed, eminent art director and designer. As a sequel to it, Razi Muhammed led our students on another artistic adventure in February 2020, which eventually turned out to become the `Speaking Walls’, a unique achievement of Team Chetana. The original ambition of this Artist ensemble was to cover eight walls of the college with their painting, each wall measuring 12’ x 24’. The students hardly had any background of painting on large canvases/walls. Each wall is dedicated to a theme, mostly as tribute to the great legends in cinema, visual arts and other fields of arts, namely ‘Tribute to Satyajit Ray’, ‘Tribute to Ritwik Ghatak’, ‘Ode to Indian Women Filmmakers’, Storyboard of ‘Psycho’ by Alfred Hitchcock recreated as installation and many similar motifs.

The blank white walls that these students saw the first time they walked into the college campus, will no more remain a blank, passive space for them. Now their own work of art, work of their hearts, minds and hands, will converse with them, and they will speak back to the images and personalities on the wall. This has already been transformed as a `Memory Wall’ for those students who were part of the Workshop, not as a thing of the past, but as their constant presence in the campus. There are more walls waiting…waiting for future artists.

Play square

It may sound as a literal translation of Chetana Theatre Club `Kalithattu’, the members of which utilize the Play Square for their rehearsals and workshops. But this Open Stage or Space at the very heart of the College Building, under the soothing shade of our `Grandma Mango Tree’, implies all sorts of play, not just song, drama and dance. Very rarely college building interiors accommodate such open spaces, which in the first look may appear as an idle space; it is NOT. It is the nerve centre of students’ activities, study, play, fun and leisure, all in one!

Green library

A library can turn green, when it stops being a boring storage of book shelves and racks and instead if that space of `serious readers’ extends itself out into the environment of the college campus and transforms into a welcoming space for all. Chetana College cannot boast of labyrinths of books and journals, a plethora of conventional reading material. But our Library is a lively space, with novelties like a Wall for Literary Masters (Quotes), a Poetry Wall, Digital Library and more than anything we do brag about our Green Library. It’s a space under the canopy of trees and creepers, that our students have made their own, for small discussions, group reading sessions and informal chats.

Poetry Wall

This is not an imaginary wall; it is a real wall, where we pin up the works of the members (Writers-Journalists Forum) and also display the works of senior poets and writers whom we invite from outside for special sessions.

Wall magazine: Chetana Memoir

Chetana College considers publication as a very important element, in order to foster the creativity and also professional experience, of our students, especially from disciplines like English Language and Literature, Journalism, Visual Communication et al. ‘Chetana Memoir’ is our Wall Magazine, something that falls in line with the ‘Hand-made Wall Magazines’ tradition in College campuses in Kerala in the 1970s and 80s. Our bimonthly Wall Magazine, with 14 pages full of creative works by students and staff (articles, poems, stories, illustrations, photographs etc) has become a special trade mark of Chetana College. It has a permanent display space, close to the College Notice Board.

Fine Arts Studio

Outsiders may consider Chetana as just another arts and science college. That perception is nowhere close to reality. We aim high, beyond a technical institution for media arts, that would focus on gadget-centred teaching and learning. Our Vision makes it clear ‘we mould media professionals with mastery of mind over machines’. To empower our students to achieve mastery in the field of arts and design, we always give importance to learning the art and craft, for which computer hardware and software may not be the starting point as the general public perceive. Chetana College Fine Arts Studio is designed to serve this purpose of grooming visual artists.

Creativity Corner

An institution can only put together bricks and mortar and prepare a physical space for young minds to come out and express their creativity. But art can be at times such a transitory process that our students may always want to experiment new forms and styles. The idea behind ‘Creativity Corner’ is just that: instead of turning all walls and free spaces into ‘permanent’ gallery spaces, students have demanded this free ‘Creativity Corner’, where they can draw and redraw and keep changing ideas and expressions, without feeling any kind of pressure from any corner or quarters.

PTA & PTA Executive

Chetana College Parent Teachers Association (PTA) is comprised of parents of all students currently studying at Chetana, namely all three batches (year) of all UG programmes and all two years of the PG programme. The Annual General Body (GB) meeting of the PTA is convened in the month of September, where new EC and Office bearers are nominated or elected.

Chetana PTA has constituted a 11-member Executive Committee bound by the `Chetana College PTA Bylaw’. The Executive Committee shall meet once in three months. These periodical review meetings help the college to look at the progress it makes and the general well being of the student community. We consider the feedback we receive from the PTA as very important in terms of improving the quality of teaching and learning and the development of the students through co-curricular activities.

In addition to regular PTA activities and meetings, there are class-wise PTA meetings linked to the semester examinations, which will be convened by the Principal. This is an opportunity for the parents and their wards to jointly meet and interact with the Faculty members, the Principal and Manager (if necessary).


We launched the first full-fledged Media and Performing Arts College under Calicut University in 2015. Our objective, apart from providing a comprehensive university-affiliated media training, was to equip young people to take up employment or self-employment in diverse fields of media, like Film, Television, Radio, New Media/ Web technologies and the like. And we have succeeded in those major goals. Till date, we have trained 4 batches of graduates with Bachelors in Film and Television, Visual Communication and Mass Communication and Journalism. More than sixty percentage of our graduates are well placed in diverse Media industries in Kerala or elsewhere. The rest, forty percentage is pursuing postgraduate studies.

To mention a few exceptional achievers among our alumni:

Rohit K. Suresh

independent still photographer,

Malayalam film industry.


ventured his feature film debute '8' right after his graduation;

already launching his second feature film.


Associate Director

of popular Malayalam TV serials.


News Presenter at

Kairali Channel.


Content Writer at Advertising company.


Associate Director of the film ‘Daniel’.

Meghna Ramesh

Media and Public Relations Officer at Secretariat, Trivandrum.

Hari Vismayam

Asst. Cameraman & Director in Malayalam film industry.

Arun Thomas

Cinematographer in Malayalam and Tamil industries

Nikhil Davis

Cinematographer in projects like ‘She Santa’.


Editor of a few short films and documentaries.

Amal Manoj

Working in Old Monks film publicity company.

Campus Life

We expect all our students to abide by the rules and regulations of the college, pertaining to general academics and discipline, in a positive and collaborative spirit.

Active participation in Academics

Every programme conducted under the Choice Based Credit and Semester System in the college shall be monitored by the College Council.

Students are not expected to abstain from classes without prior permission. Even if they fail to attend one class hour on a day, they shall lose the full day’s attendance.

Attendance will be taken at the very beginning of every period. Latecomers will lose half-day attendance.

If you are absent for a day or two for being ill or for other serious reasons, please inform your respective through leave letter to the Class-in-charge Faculty and get prior permission if you know it in advance. A student who is absent for three days or more consecutively should provide a Medical Certificate.

As per university stipulations, 75% of attendance is required for appearing for the university examinations. Participation in approved activities of the college/university with the prior concurrence of the Principal will be treated as presence in lieu of their absence, on production of participation certificate within two weeks and they can avail maximum nine days in a semester.

In exceptional cases, an additional 10% --20% loss of attendance can be condoned, in a maximum of four semesters, either as four single condonations or one double condonation and two single condonations, in the entire duration of a course. If a student fails to get 65% attendance, they can move on to the next semester with a provisional registration; but, can appear for supplementary examination for such semesters only after the completion of the entire programme. Less than 50% attendance requires readmission, which is permitted only once during the entire programme.

If a student fails to fulfil the minimum required number of attendance as per the University rules, he or she will have to face the legal formalities and pay penalties, if any, imposed by the University. Anyone who has not cleared such mandatory formalities will not be allowed to appear for University examinations or contest the college union elections. A student who is continuously absent for 14 days without sufficient reason and proper intimation to the Principal of the college shall be removed from the Roll.

We expect all students to strictly adhere to the daily time schedule (9.20 am-3.30 pm). Do report at the college well in advance for morning prayers and also after each recession (break). No excuse will be entertained for going out of the campus during class hours, except during the Lunch break.

Any failure in taking active interest in academics and regular submission of assignments/seminar presentation etc will negatively affect your Internal Assessment and possible endorsements from the college in your future careers.

General Guidelines

Semester fee should be remitted within 7 working days after the commencement of each semester. Those who fail to remit the fees within the permitted time period shall be removed from the college Roll as per University Regulations 2019.

There is no prescribed uniform for students or staff; but all are expected to dress decently, respecting the general decorum, which implies strictly avoiding colour/check dhoti, sleeveless tops and half trousers while you are on the campus.

All students should wear the College ID card while you are on campus. It has to produce at office for all transactions and students also have to produce ID to the staff or officials any time at college.

As per the University norms, students are not allowed to bring in mobile phones to the classrooms. If any student is seen using a phone or his/her phone rings during the class, the phone set will be confiscated.

During the normal class hours, students need permission from the Principal to go outside the college campus.

Students are not supposed to engage in closed, secretive sessions within the college premises. All class room doors and windows should remain open always, except when any faculty member is conducting classes/film Screenings.

Visitors are not allowed in the Academic Wing of the college. Any visiting friends/family members should remain within the permitted boundaries ie., the Visitor’s Lounge at the Front Office.

As per instructions from the Government, smoking or the use of narcotics is strictly prohibited inside the campus and strongly discouraged outside.

Students are not expected to hang around in the campus after class hour if not for practical/practice sessions/special events (scheduled or announced by Faculty)

The College will attend to any students falling sick at the campus during class hours; will arrange medical consultation or hospitalization if necessary. But the respective student or their parents should bear the expenses incurred and the College will not take the financial responsibility in any such cases.

Please develop a sense of belonging/ownership to the college premises and facilities. It is our duty to keep the campus and classrooms neat and tidy, and maintain propriety and decorum in the campus.

Students and Staff should strictly park their two/four-wheeler vehicles at allotted slots only.

There are Fill-up Forms for students to file their request for borrowing equipment or for other permissions, which must be endorsed by concerned authorities (Class-in-Charge/HOD/Vice- Principal) and approved by the Principal.

Students may obtain a No-Due Certificate, upon the complete settlement of all their dues to the institute, one week before the last day of the academic year/ before the final semester project presentation. TC will not be issued to any student who has not completed the formalities and submitted the No-Due Certificate.

The College Council reserves the rights to decide the destination and duration of Field Visits/Study Tours and students shall abide by the decision. As a general understanding, the Final Year Student Tour destination should be within South India (within the stipulated number of days and nights). The IV (Industrial Visit) for the second year students should be within the boundaries of Kerala