Meghana Ramesh
Media Coordonator & Anchor

Friends from a world beyond boundaries, that’s Chetana. Scholars who guide us not only with cameras and scripts, but also with humane approach and constant availability are quiet normal at Chetana. Dialogues about each and everything happening around on a day-to-day basis is the tradition of Chetana. The rich alumnae flourishing in the Film and TV industries underline its heritage.

Chetana alumnus, working in Television Journalism

Chetana is not just a college for me! Chetana taught me to celebrate myself. It helped me discover and embrace the cinema in me. A journey into the very politics of cinema and a wider canvas to portray my dreams. All I wanted to do was make a movie but Chetana threw me a question, namely, why a movie should be made and what it should impart to the society. A handful of great friends and teachers who made me feel like home brought in great changes in me. From getting cold feet in first year to delivering my speech as the Union Chairman in the following year, it moulded me. I was alive among the most fruitful conversations, talents and friends in my three years of college life. While being proud to be a student of Chetana I also have left a piece of me there so that I can come back to my roots. My gratitude towards Chetana is unbound.

Aleena Shabu
Final Year - BA Mass Communication & Journalism

It's a happy family with cordial relations between the students and the faculty members that helps to enhance both academic and interpersonal skills for each and every one; a space full of mutual learning and grooming. I can't end this note without mentioning the greenery and the serene nature around us that cools and soothes our minds. These three years I have spent with the Chetana family would remain as a great experience and a life time memory.

'Freedom with Responsibility'
Yes! Chetana really means it cherishes it!

Arjun Vyshak
BFT, Final Semester 2021

The `Visual Effects Workshop’ at Chetana under the guidance of Razi sir offered a precious `hands on experience’ for us. The VFX and the Compositing options in a way came as an alternative solution to outdoor shoot at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, when grand scale, real time productions came to a standstill. It gives hope to the Entertainment industry. Even the Malayalam Film industry, rather small in scale compared to Bollywood et al, would move more on to studio floor shoot. Applications like `Unreal Engine’, and open softwares like ‘Blender’ are transferring the mesmerism of movie making into the hands of ordinary people. This workshop was an eye opener, thanks Chetana!

Nicole Gomez
Chetana Graduate 2020, now doing MVoc Digital Animation at Loyola College, Chennai

A COMPLETE - POWER PACKED COURSE- This is how I would like to put the BA Visual communication at Chetana College. We have a Management which is supportive, optimistic and always striving to give the best to the students. Faculty who are 24/7 dedicated to work towards the wellbeing of their wards. A wonderful platform with enough and more opportunities to showcase one's talents.....

Rohith K. Suresh
Still Photographer of films like ‘Salute’, ‘Nizhal’, ‘Halal Love Story’, ‘Gambler’, ‘Parava’ etc

I gratefully remember the creative support that my college Chetana gave me when I was making my entry to the Malayalam Film Industry. No other institution would have understood and appreciated my talent and also the challenging choices I had to make at that time. I am happy that I could take up a full time professional assignment as an independent photographer in films like `Ankamali Diaries’ and `Sudani from Nigeria’, without completely breaking away from my UG studies in Film and Television. I owe a great debt to senior professionals, who guided my journey into the industry; but I equally wish to acknowledge the support I received from my alma mater, Chetana College of Media and Performing Arts.