Wandering Spirit

I started out with a yearning sigh for distant places where wonders lay. A traveller’s heart will always soar across the heavens and over the oceans. I pursue the stars in the darkest night while holding my dreams tightly and maps out in front of me. I look for the consolation that travel speaks through winding roads and high peaks. Language barriers provide me the opportunity to interact, learn, laugh, and play. Because I realise that beneath diverse skies, we are all human. But it's not just the places, it's also who we develop into, as we move through life, leaving tracks behind. Travel extends our horizons, moulds us, and teaches us things both during the day and at night. So please, let me go and discover the parts of the world I have yet to love. For me, travelling is a dream that frees my soul, not merely a physical adventure. Every step I take tells a narrative as I boldly and untimely walks through life. Because I truly discover the essence of living and an undefined thrill in travel's embrace.