Ten years of new technology & how our lives have changed

When we look back to the old days, we can find how technology has found its way into practically every aspect of our daily lives.

Let us go through some things that have changed almost in these period of 10 years.


There was a time when the days news was available in ‘hot off the press’ (literally via a print publication. Not so much anymore.

Immensely improved infrastructure has allowed media publishers to embrace the Internet and provide content in a myriad of new ways. Newspapers and magazines can connect content with RSS feeds, blogs, social networks, smartphones and so on.


In the case of shopping, nearly all types of purchase from software to travel arrangements to insurance can be done in your pjs. E-commerce has soared and with it comes new opportunities for businesses. And nowadays we can also see offers that we cannot refuse.


We know that Google is a little more than ten years old. But the company's most popular services have only risen to popularity over the last five to seven years.

And when we look back we can see how Google changed in all these years. Nowadays we cannot imagine a world without google.

Personal Communication

Who would have thought that a mobile phone could allow one to take photos, stream movies, play games and have a personal GPS device on demand?

The ubiquity of smartphones has given us the freedom to do whatever we want, whenever we want.

Social Networking

An online network of people talking about themselves doesn't sound very titillating, but the idea has become one of the most significant developments of our time.

Facebook, twitter, Instagram has gained immense popularity just over the past few years. Through these points, we could realize that the word ‘technology’ has given rise to different possibilities around us, which we didn’t even think would come to this very point. As we are witnessing these miraculous changes in our daily lives through the innovation of technologies, it's not possible to even predict ‘what’s next’. Therefore we should get prepared for the renewed minds of human beings who make us go through such drastic and wide technological possibilities.